Category: Eminent Domain

Metro Airport expansion plan doesn’t fly with neighbors

A planned expansion of Detroit Metropolitan Airport is threatening to uproot thousands of people and dozens of businesses, but local officials and residents are fighting back.

The Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) is in the beginning stages of a project that would add an additional runway to the airport, allowing the facility to serve more customers. The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) most recent studies offer a range of three predictions and conclude that Metro Airport, already the 12th largest airport in North America, will continue to see customers served rising from 1.2 percent to 2.7 percent per year through 2025.

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Implications of Economic Development in Urban Areas

The Michigan Supreme Court’s 2004 decision in County of Wayne v. Hathcock (Pinnacle Aeropark), along with subsequent changes in the Michigan constitution and administrative codes, reverses its locally and nationally influential 1981 Poletown ruling. ULI Detroit asked two of metro Detroit’s prominent eminent domain attorneys to discuss the implications for economic development in urban areas like Detroit.

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