Press Inquires

If you are a news reporter dealing with questions relating to eminent domain, condemnations or a governmental foreclosure against private property, I hope to be able to provide insight.By way of credentials, I’ve been specializing in this area of the law since 1975. I received a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School, served more than 15 years as a member or chair of the Michigan Condemnation Law Committee and a decade as vice-chair or chairman of the American Bar Association’s Real Property Section Condemnation Law Committee. I have tried cases in state and federal courts nationwide. (I’ve also published many more law journal articles than you could hope to finish before your deadline is long past.)Of equal importance is that I am available on deadline, and I’ll do my absolute best to address your questions clearly, in a fashion that is easily understood by your audience, but does not oversimplify the legal issues at hand.Condemnation of private property by a governmental entity is a very serious concern. Our Constitution protects the taking of private land by any governmental agency unless a very specific set of standards are in place. Even when those standards exist, the law provides protections to ensure that private property owners are justly compensated. Certainly, these are questions worthy of news coverage, and worthy of a full understanding by writers, reporters and editors.

Please feel free to contact my office if you are a member of the working press. Let us know how to reach you, what media outlet you represent, and what your deadlines are. I will return your call personally and promptly.

Thank you,
Alan T. Ackerman
248.537.1155 or 248.877.1155