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Ackerman & Ackerman protects the rights of landowners facing eminent domain and condemnation proceedings.

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Ackerman & Ackerman is widely considered one of America’s leading law firms specialized in protecting property owners in eminent domain and condemnation cases and has obtained over $700 million dollars in jury verdicts and settlements for property owners.

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Transportation Disputes

The government often uses its eminent domain power to build or expand at the expense of existing infrastructure. These projects take a drastic toll on property owners. We can protect your interests.

Water Disputes

Waterway property is at risk of condemnation because of the appeal of its location and its financial value. We have years of experience fighting for landowners with property interests on a waterway.

Utility Disputes

When property is condemned for utility space, those entities must not advance their private business interests. We ensure utilities are held accountable and you receive just compensation.

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