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As a one of America’s leading eminent domain law firms, Fortune 500 corporations and law practices nationwide regularly consult with Ackerman & Ackerman to achieve positive outcomes on land condemnation cases. The firm has assisted attorneys with other firms obtain multi-million dollar awards in Michigan, Florida, Ohio and the District of Columbia.

When the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) in Seattle, Washington announced plans to seize two subdivision lots on an inlet to the Pacific Ocean, a property owner within that subdivision initially hired local legal counsel. Those attorneys, despite experience representing eminent domain cases, did not see sufficient basis for a claim and subsequently declined to represent the owner in his attempt to seek fair compensation for the proposed seizure. Frustrated and in need of experienced counsel, the property owner reached out to Ackerman & Ackerman.

Upon reviewing the case, Ackerman & Ackerman determined that the loss of subdivision restrictions and the taking of lots for a new roadway entitled the property owner to significant compensation. Ackerman & Ackerman contacted the Owners’ Counsel of America in Washington State and offered them the case. The preparation of the claim that was outlined by Ackerman & Ackerman was found to be convincing, and the precise cases cited by our firm in support of the existence of a claim, were relied upon by the State of Washington King County Superior Court Judge. The property owner ultimately received a settlement of $1,500,000 compensating him for the land seizure, an outcome that would not have transpired without the pivotal role of Ackerman & Ackerman in preparing the legal arguments upon which the case was ultimately decided.