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Natural gas pipeline construction will compensate property owners

ABC 12, WJRT – Earlier this week, we told you about plans by Consumers Energy to build a new natural gas pipeline from Zilwaukee to Oakland County. Before they do that, they’re going to have to compensate 650 property owners where the pipes will be installed.

It’s called eminent domain. When authorized by the Michigan Public Service Commission, Consumers Energy will be able to dig the path for the pipeline across private property – but not before paying the land owners.

The work will start this summer in Saginaw County. Consumers will be replacing about 78 miles of pipe and rerouting 16 miles of pipeline on a new path, which has not been finalized.

“Consumers Energy representatives are talking to potentially affected customers at the time and we expect those final decisions to be made in a couple of weeks,” said Kevin Keane, of Consumers Energy.

An attorney with 45 years of experience in eminent domain issues says property owners need to be aware of their rights before signing any agreements.

“Before Consumers Energy meets with an owner about how much they will get paid, Consumers will have to prepare an appraisal on what’s being taken and make an offer not less than that appraisal value,” said Alan Ackerman.

The pipeline will cut a 60 foot wide swath along the new route and Consumers Energy will own that easement. Property owners will have a lot to think about when receiving the appraisal.

“Then each owner can choose whether to hire a lawyer at that time or can hire one earlier, but there’s a limit to what Consumers can do. They have to give people fair value,” Ackerman said.

For those who own property where the old pipeline will be dug up, depending on what the deed says, they may not get much compensation.

“The agreement for the people who already have the pipeline in place may very well say they get paid a dollar a foot,” Ackerman said.

Consumers Energy says the bigger pipeline is needed to meet natural gas demands of the future.

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MDOT sues to seize southwest Detroit church and make way for new bridge to Canada

WXYZ Detroit – A Detroit church says they’re being short changed by the state of Michigan and it looks like a court battle will be needed to figure it out. The state needs the church’s land in southwest Detroit to make way for the new Gordie Howe International Bridge to Canada.

This week, the state filed a lawsuit in their effort to claim the land of the First Latin American Baptist Church on Fort Street in Detroit’s Delray neighborhood.

It’s an iconic place of worship that’s been in the neighborhood for eight decades, but church leaders say they are not being offered enough money to relocate.

The lawsuit shows that the church was offered $411,000 by MDOT. That’s part of any effort to purchase a number of parcels for the bridge project – purchases that are estimated to cost about $370 million.

Under the state’s eminent domain law, a court can now decide how much is paid for the church.

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Partner Darius Dynkowski Featured on dbusiness magazine “View From the Top” podcast!

“View From the Top” Ep. 31 from Specs Howard TV on Vimeo.

Many hurdles remain if Michigan and Ontario are to build a bridge over the Detroit River connecting Detroit and Windsor, not the least of which is acquiring homes and businesses at fair market value in the affected area near I-75 and Dragoon, says Darius Dynkowski, a partner with Ackerman Ackerman & Dynkowski in Bloomfield Hills, a law firm specializing in eminent domain.