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Litigating Environmental Issues in Eminent Domain Matters: Issues To Consider and Pitfalls To Avoid

THIS ARTICLE will address the practical aspects of litigating an eminent domain matter that includes issues of environmental contamination. This article is not intended to be a compendium of legal cases, as issues related to the admissibility of environmental contamination in an eminent domain valuation matter vary widely throughout the jurisdictions. As such, a practitioner should consult and thoroughly investigate the laws in her jurisdiction prior to preparing a trial strategy in eminent domain valuation matters where legal contamination issues are raised.

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When Will The Gordie Howe Bridge Be Completed?

The Detroit Free Press article quote of the recrently appointed International Bridge Chairman stating that this project will finish on time is gratifying. The owners in this project have been sitting on “what is next?” for almost ten years.

The recent Free Press article that the bridge costs would be skyrocketing not only did not meet reality, but offered a complete unfair analysis of the situation. Hopefully, the new Bridge Chair Duncan will get this done!

The new chairman of the effort planning the Gordie Howe International Bridge has a very Gordie Howe-like warning for any remaining naysayers about the project.

“We’re going to get the new Gordie Howe Bridge done,” Dwight Duncan, who this month became interim chairman of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, told the Free Press last week. “And like Gordie Howe, I’m going to have my elbows up in the corners and if anybody gets in the way we’ll do what Gordie did to the Maple Leafs over the years.”


Power to the People

A year ago, if you’d have asked Bloomfield Hills attorney Alan Akerman what a farmer’s dream is–though a tear ago, there was no reason to ask such an obscure question–he’d have guessed: Sunshine? Plenty of rain? A long, warm summer?

Today he knows the answer: A straight mile.

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