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A ‘no’ from Legislature won’t spell end for new bridge

Of all the words spilled in the debate over a new bridge to Canada, perhaps none have so stirred intrigue as those Lt. Gov. Brian Calley spoke in early August.

Calley, the point man for Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to build a new publicly owned bridge between Detroit and Windsor, said then that there are ways to authorize the construction of a new bridge even if the Legislature balks at approving Snyder’s plan.

“This bridge will happen. There’s a lot of ways the bridge can happen,” Calley told the Gongwer News Service. “My favorite way is the way we proposed the first time,” he said, referring to the legislative process, where Snyder’s plan for the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) project faces considerable skepticism in the state Senate.

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Downsizing City Could Raise Detroit From Ruins

Almost 40 years ago, former Detroit Mayor Jerome Cavanagh considered the business flight from the city
and deadpanned that he planned trips to “Detroit’s sister cities — Nagasaki and Pompeii.”

A turn of the century later, another Detroit mayor is trying to rebuild from ruins, and he’s willing to take extreme action to change the landscape.

Dave Bing says he has data indicating up to 80,000 of the 350,000 buildings in Detroit are vacant or
ramshackle. He wants to rid the city of those structures and transplant any residents who live in those neighborhoods considered beyond repair.

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