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Some Sound Advice

If you receive a written notice of taking, or if you even hear a rumor that your property may be taken or condemned, remember these few basic rules:

  • Do not discuss the value of the property with anyone without first consulting with counsel.
  • Do not attempt to value your property without the advice of a competent real estate appraisal (who has experience with eminent domain cases).  Seek an experienced eminent domain attorney’s advice before retaining any expert.
  • Do not attempt to obtain building permits, variances, zone changes, subdivision approvals, curb cuts, or government approvals without consulting your counsel.
  • Do not apply for a real estate tax assessment reduction without first consulting counsel.
  • Continue to maintain your property in a normal manner.
  • Do not permit anyone to conduct any tests–such as borings, explorations for hazardous waste, or test wells for a water supply–unless your counsel secures a written agreement that you will be supplied with copies of all test data and reports.
  • Do not supply copies of leases, expense records, profit and loss statements, or similar documents to the government or its representatives without first referring such requests to counsel.

This advance is basic.  It is not intended to be all-inclusive.