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Lawyer of the Year – Alan Ackerman

By May 18, 2009November 6th, 2020No Comments

This lawyer saw a high court ruling affecting condemnation cases across the country as the chance of a
lifetime to make positive social change.

Ironically, Alan Ackerman’s huge win in the Wayne County v. Hathcock condemnation case will slash his personal bottomline. He said what’s key, however, is the constitutional crusade he won.

“Every lawyer has that dream that you’ll make some positive change for the betterment of society at some time in your career,” Ackerman told Lawyers Weekly. “It took 32 years, but I think I did it.”

Ackerman lead the legal team in Hathcock, which overturned the Michigan Supreme Court’s 1981 Poletown decision, a long-standing precedent that jurisdictions around the country have turned to as Gospel in condemnation cases—until now.

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