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Eminent Domain

Saginaw Trail Pipeline Offers Are Made

By October 6, 2017February 23rd, 2019No Comments

Consumers are making offers at the Saginaw County end of the pipeline project that will traverse from Clawson to Zilwaukee. This pipeline will affect over 700 parcels.

The quality and nature of the appraisals will vary greatly. There are some properties that may not be substantially affected by a replacement pipeline. However, others will have new pipelines, each which will have a specific effect on the needs of each individual owner.

Some of the offers seem to be within the range of reasonableness. Others simply do not take into context that every property is unique, with the appraiser completely failing to understand the nature of individual properties.

Without question, there will be disputes on just compensation. At the same time, Consumers seems to be making a good faith effort to ascertain the value needed to determine just compensation for at least some of the properties while missing an accurate estimate of just compensation on others.

The project timing has been accelerated!