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Eminent Domain

Standing Tall Eminent domain lawyer casts imposing presence

By July 28, 2009No Comments

Darius Dynkowski isn’t one to name-drop, but if he was . . .

How about Frank Sinatra for starters? Then there was the time that he rubbed elbows with
Muhammad Ali, in his prime perhaps the best-known sports figure on the planet. For good
measure there was Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time.

Nice company to keep, for sure.
But not in a legal light for Dynkowski, a partner in the renowned eminent domain law firm
headed by Alan Ackerman.

Instead, Dynkowski came to know the trio of icons while serving in his official capacity at
The Palace of Auburn Hills, site of the cavernous arena that is home to the Detroit Pistons
and WNBA champion Detroit Shock.

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