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Eminent Domain

The Diminution of the Good Faith Offer Protections in Eminent Domain Proceedings

By September 9, 2009November 6th, 2020No Comments

This article explores whether the minimum constitutional and statutory requirements are being fulfilled by condemning agencies in the “good faith written offer” process.

Statutory Framework

All condemnation proceedings in Michigan can only be initiated by an agency under the procedure provided in the Uniform Condemnation Procedures Act of 1980 (“the Act”).

The Act presents a specific procedural framework, which must be followed by condemning authorities in order for the agencies to obtain jurisdiction of the court necessary to acquire property. Section 5 of the Act requires the establishment of a value estimate and presentation of the value and an appraisal if one has been prepared “before initiating in negotiations.” Only after presentation of the appraisal and the opportunity to negotiate may the agency file a condemnation complaint.

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